Post Office

post office
The Wilson Student Center has a post office that is available for students and staff to use located in the KSU Bookstore. Students can both send and receive packages here. To pick up packages, students must first receive an email from the post office saying their package is ready for pick up. If the email does not say "Packcity" in it, then your package needs to be picked up from the post office that is inside the bookstore on the first floor.

Packcity by Neopost Pick-Ups:
If your email does say "Packcity" in it, then you will need to pick up your package from the yellow parcel pick-up boxes located on the second floor, near the info desk. The email you had received will contain two numbers, one of which is an access code. When the screen instructs you to enter the pick-up code, you will enter the 4 digit ID code from your email. You will then have to enter the 4 digit verification code that was also in your email. This is NOT the same number as the ID code. Once you have done this, select continue and the box with your package will automatically open.

Post Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM

For more information on the post office, please visit