Information Desk

Info Desk

The info desk, located in the center of the second floor of the student center, has helpful staff that are ready to answer any questions you may have about KSU. This is also where student can go to rent out lockers and game room equipment. The campus Lost & Found is located here as well.

Locker Rental:

Spring & Fall  Summer
First Time: $15.00 First Time: $10.00
Renewal: $10.00 Renewal: $5.00

Game Room Equipment:

Rental Prices

Lost & Found:
If you have any questions about a lost item please call 470-578-4535, or feel free to walk up to the Information Desk and ask us about a lost item or a found item. 

Lost and Found

Posting Policy:
Students, staff, departments, and organizations are allowed to post flyers and banners within the student center. These items must be KSU affiliated; NO roommate, outside tutoring, or job postings! To post, the info desk must stamp off with approval and the flyers will be allowed to stay posted for 1 month. Any items that are hung up without a stamp from the info desk WILL be torn down and disposed of. The flyers must be hung up on the bulletin boards within the student center, they cannot be hung up on walls and doors.