Solicitation & Postings

Posting & Advertising Policies for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

KSU Posting Regulations:

  • -Any publicity by a KSU organization must contain the organization name and contact information. Flyers may be posted on any campus bulletin board not designated for use by a department or organization. The sponsoring organization is responsible for removal of any flyers or other publicity after the advertised event. Because of a potential safety hazard, flyers may not be placed on glass doors and are subject to removal. Flyers are prohibited on any surface except bulletin boards. Flyers are not to be placed on cars or in campus lots at any time.

    -Flyers may not be used in any residential area or the Commons without written permission from the Director of Housing and Residence Life or the Director of Culinary Services (see specific building policies below). Flyers and/or table tents may be placed on the tables in the Student Center near the Bookstore and dining options; however, please be aware there is no guarantee that they will remain on the tables for any specific period of time. The sponsoring organization is responsible for removal of notices placed around campus after the event.

  • -Banners may be displayed in the Student Centers on the balconies with approval by Student Life. Only RSOs or university departments may display banners (no individuals or outside agencies). Banners may be displayed in the on the second floor of the Student Center addition balconies of the Carmichael Student Center and in the balcony by the Ballrooms in the Wilson Student Center. Banners may only be displayed by KSU RSOs or departments. Banners may be displayed for two weeks. All banners must include specific information: event, time, place, date, sponsoring group, and contact information.

    -No banners are to be permanently affixed to walls or banisters in the Student Centers using nails, screws, or any other type of hardware or glue. No banners advertising outside entities or individuals may be displayed. Please remove banners after the event is over. If you wish to keep a banner, it is your responsibility to retrieve it immediately following the advertised event, or it will be discarded.

    -Because of limited space, organizations may only display two banners at a time. Student Life staff will discard banners displayed in the Student Centers after the two-week period or immediately after an event has occurred. If you wish to keep a banner that is displayed in the Student Center, make a notation on top of the banner. Please include a telephone number and the date the banner was hung. Do not remove another group’s banner without permission from Student Life staff.

    -Banners must not be directly taped to the railings. Organizations are encouraged to come by Student Life for hanging suggestions and tape. RSOs may request banners through the Student Life. Printing guidelines may be found online at and

    -Student Life is not responsible for banners displayed outside of the Carmichael Student Center or the Wilson Student Center.

  • Chalk may be used only in certain locations on campus. Chalk may be used in moderation by student organizations on the sidewalk areas around the Student Center, the library and the Burruss Building in uncovered areas. The chalking must be located where it will wash off easily with rain. No chalk is permitted in any other location on campus, including the residential areas and the Campus Green. Chalk may not be used on pillars of buildings, sides of buildings, or any other similar area. “Paint chalk” is not to be used under any circumstances. Organizations found guilty of chalk-abuse will be asked to clean the violated area, and are subject to revocation of privileges for a minimum of one complete semester.

Other means of promoting your group or event:

  • Collection Boxes & Exhibits for collection drives, to include food, books, clothing, toiletries, toys, ink cartridges, school supplies, on behalf of student organizations or departments may be positioned in the Student Center as long as the Collection Drive Form is submitted to Student Life and the following guidelines are followed:
    -The sponsoring organization’s name, charity, dates of donation, and contact information must be clearly displayed on the structure.
    - The collection receptacle must be attractive; for example, if you are using a cardboard box, please cover it with paper.
    - Placement does not disrupt other university functions or interfere with academic instruction, and pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
    - Permission is sought from the appropriate administrative office if the structure is to be placed in any building other than the Student Center
    - The organization sponsoring the drive is responsible for maintaining the receptacle appearance and collection of items minimally, once a week.
    - The organization is responsible for storing and housing all items collected.
    - The structure must be removed by the end date indicated on the Collection Drive Form.
    Violators of this policy will have their Collection Box or Exhibit discarded and prohibited from hosting a similar initiative.

    Community Postings:
    -For Sale, Need Childcare, Need Roommate postings (Kennesaw Campus)
    -A community bulletin board between the Student Life and Student Media offices is available for announcing items for sale, childcare, etc. -Please contact Student Life at 470-578-6280 or visit Student Center 274. Classifieds are also free at

  • The Sentinel offers one free ad per semester and discounted rates for student organizations. Online, Student Planner, and magazine ads are also an option. Contact the Student Media Marketing Manager in the Department of Student Life for complete information at or call 470-578-6470. Your activity or event may be newsworthy; give your news tips to the student editors via the online news release at
  • Owl Radio can help advertise or promote your event with underwriting, sponsorships, or free Public Service Announcements. You may also ask Owl Radio to DJ your event or do a remote broadcast from the location. Please visit or and find out all the ways available to you.
  • Designated newspaper racks and machines are for the exclusive distribution of The Sentinel and registered Student Media publications. Other student publications may be permitted to distribute from these racks if permission is obtained from the editor in chief and KSUSM advisors. Violators will be charged the current insert rate.
  • Student Organizations have the ability to distribute literature on campus. Literature can be used to advertise your organization, publicize information, promote an idea, or for a variety of other purposes. Organizations may distribute, or display literature on campus in accordance with the following guidelines:
    -The literature is not distributed by hawking, shouting, or accosting individuals.
    - The literature is not a promotion for an off-campus for-profit business, organization, agency, or national association.
    - The literature that is dropped on the ground in the area where it was distributed should be picked up by the sponsoring organization.
    - Publications Disclaimer: All student organizations that create publications of any sort, including web pages, must include a disclaimer to read: [name of publication] is published by [name of organization], a registered student organization at KSU. [Name of publication] is not an official publication of Kennesaw State University and does not represent the views of the University, Georgia Board of Regents, or the University System of Georgia.
  • Student Organizations must ensure that each sign includes the name of the student organization, the date of the event, and/or the date of posting before signs are posted.
  • -Signs can only be posted on kiosks near the student center and between the Library and University College Building.
    - An organization may only post two signs per kiosk.
    - Signs must be attached to the kiosks with non-permanent materials only (tacks, staples, tape).
    - Signs may not be posted on trees, lamps, columns, trash cans, or other physical structures on campus.
    - Signs may not be larger than 11x17.
  • - Signs may be posted only on approved bulletin boards. A bulletin board is under the jurisdiction of the college, school, department, or administrative office that maintains it.
    - Organizations shall apply to the appropriate college, school, department, or administrative official for permission to use a bulletin board, and shall not use a bulletin board without permission.
  • -The organization should remove all signs no later than 14 days after posting or within 24 hours after the event to which it relates has ended, whichever is earlier.
    -All improperly posted signs are subject to removal. Violations of the sign posting policy are subject to review and potential disciplinary action for the student organization.

  • Your organization may use both the events and news options within OwlLife to promote your group and events.

KSU Approved Campus Postings Policy (Kennesaw Campus):

  • Flyers may be posted only on designated bulletin boards after receiving approval from the Information Desk on the second floor:
    -1st floor: one near vending alcove for campus activities and a second near the University Rooms is for notifications for rent, sale, childcare, etc.
    -2nd floor: two in the entrances at the rotunda on the north end of the building closets to The Commons
    -3rd floor: TBD
    -No flyers are to be placed on glass doors, windows or walls or "department only" bulletin boards

    -Flyers may not be used in any residential area or The Commons Dining Hall without written permission from the Director of Housing and Residence Life or the Director of Culinary Services.

  • For student organizations:
    -Email a copy of flyer to a minimum of seven (7) business days prior to event.
    -Once approved, Coles College will have someone hang in the building where space is available.
    -All signs will be located in ‘pucks’ – signage holders mounted in various locations on each floor.
    -NO loose leaf fliers or taped flyers are permitted for hanging in the building. They will be taken down immediately.
    For Non-KSU organizations:
    -You may post flyers on the bulletin board on the first floor where vending machines are located ONLY.
  • For student organizations:
    -Please stop by room 155 with a hard copy of flyer for approval and bulletin board locations.
    For Non-KSU organizations:
    -No postings are permitted.
  • For student organizations:
    • Bring a hard copy only to Education Student Services (KH Suite 1314) to complete a request to post and leave hard copy there.
    • Once approved and stamped, Education Student Services will hang posting in your recommended area and take them down once expired.
    • Suggest 8 x 11 poster/flyer size
    • Posters larger than 8 x 11 must be approved by the Interim Director, Education Student Services
    • Approved posters (those larger than 8 x 11) must be laminated OR high-gloss poster paper.
    Approved Posting Locations:
    • 1st Floor –
    -Base of stairs
    -Signs at elevator
    -“Bus-stop” areas
    -Classroom hallway
    • 2nd Floor –
    -Seating areas
    -Signs at elevator vestibule
    • 3rd Floor –
    -Signs at elevator vestibule
    Posting are NOT allowed on:
    -Elevator vestibule wall
    -Elevator interior
    -Entrance glass
    -Stairway glass
    For Non-KSU organizations:
    • No postings are permitted.
  • In order to post in the residential areas check the following website for policies/procedures and request forms,
  • For student organizations:
    -All oversized posters/flyers must be discussed with the administrative associate in the front office of the Dean of the College.
    -Regular sized flyers may be posted on any of the bulletin boards (including bulletin boards in stairwells).
    -All flyers must be removed by the organization once the event is over.
    -No posters/flyers should be taped or attached to glass, doors, or walls in any building. They will be removed immediately.
    For Non-KSU organizations:
    -No postings are permitted.
  • -Flyers must be approved by the Dean’s Office, Rm. 5010, for a stamped approval. -Unapproved flyers will be removed.
    -Flyers should be no larger than legal size (8.5x14). Any larger size must be approved by the Dean’s Office.
    -Flyers may be placed no more than 2 weeks in advance of the event.Groups may place 7 approved flyers in the building: 2 on the Jazzman’s rotating board, and 1 on each bulletin board on each of the 5 floors.
    -Absolutely NO commercial postings are permitted.
  • For student organizations:
    -Bring a printed copy of flyer to the First-Year Programs office on the first (1st) floor.
    -If they determine the flyer is appropriate and they have room for it they will allow it to be hung in the encased bulletin board on the first floor.
    -Flyers must be taken down by the organization after the event.
    -Flyers may not be hung from windows, doors, or walls. They will be removed immediately.
  • For student organizations AND non-KSU organizations:
    -No postings are currently being permitted outside of the needs of the College of the Arts

  • -Flyers may be posted on any campus bulletin board not designated for use by a department or organization.
    -Flyers may not be posted on glass doors or windows.
    -Flyers may not be posted on walls, inside or outside.
    -Flyers may not be posted on outside pillars, walls, sidewalks or signage.
    -Flyers may not be posted on automobiles.

    -Flyers may not be used in any residential area or the Commons without written permission from the Director of Housing and Residence Life or the Director of Culinary Services.

 KSU Approved Campus Postings Policy (Marietta Campus):

  • -Students, staff, departments, and organizations are allowed to post flyers and banners within the student center.
    -These items must be KSU affiliated; NO roommate, outside tutoring, or job postings.
    -The info desk must stamp off with approval.
    -Flyers will be allowed to stay posted for 1 month.
    -Any items that are hung up without a stamp from the info desk WILL be torn down and disposed of.
    -The flyers must be hung up on the bulletin boards within the student center.
    -Flyers cannot be hung up on walls and doors.
  • -Flyers may be posted on any campus bulletin board not designated for use by a department or organization.
    -Flyers may not be posted on glass doors or windows.
    -Flyers may not be posted on walls, inside or outside.
    -Flyers may not be posted on outside pillars, walls, sidewalks or signage.
    -Flyers may not be posted on automobiles.

    -Flyers may not be used in any residential area or the Commons without written permission from the Director of Housing and Residence Life or the Director of Culinary Services.

Marietta Rock Painting

  • The tradition of painting the Rock on the Marietta campus dates back to the establishment of the campus when the Rock was at campus center. Over the years, the Rock has become a positive campus tradition. Painting the Rock provides an outlet to show school spirit and pride in individual organizations.
    The painting of rocks and other forms of hardscape or landscape is prohibited with the exception of the Rock, located outside of the Johnson Library (C), Mathematics Building (D), & Crawford Laboratory Building (E) near the Sycamore Grove on the Marietta campus, which is the only official “paintable” rock located on Kennesaw State University Property.
    There is another Rock near the Kennesaw campus on Barrett Parkway that is subjected to the following guidelines and enforcement.

  • -All Kennesaw State University affiliated groups and organizations are allowed to paint the Rock.
    -Those painting the Rock will ensure that the area is left in a clean condition. They will remove all materials and litter from the site and properly dispose of all paint.
    -Nearby objects shall not be painted.
    -Only spray paint is allowed and painters must supply their own paint.
    -Entire rock must be painted. Due to the amount of time and planning it takes to paint, it is expected that new painting will completely cover the rock.
    -Painting the rock should be a fun, voluntary activity.
    -Other groups will not interfere with those painting the rock. People have the right to paint the rock without being bothered, harassed or demeaned.
    -There will be no guarding of the rock.
    -Once painted and dry, other groups may paint over the work.
    -Tagging letters, names, or symbols over other groups’ paintings is prohibited.
    -Keep in mind that what is painted on the Rock reflects on you and/or your organization.
    -Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated at the rock. This includes loud music.
  • -Information about appropriate types of paint, as well as Rock Painting Guidelines (listed above) will also be placed online and physically near the Rock.
    -Enforcement of the Rock painting guidelines will be coordinated by Student Life and associated staff, as well as KSU Police personnel and Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (SCAI). Violations of the policy and guidelines may result in disciplinary action toward individuals and/or groups.
    -All individuals participating in painting the Rock must not violate KSU policy or regulation and comply with the Codes of Conduct.
    -The group, or individual, painting the Rock assumes liability for any individual or member of the group or organization who may be injured and/or for actions associated with the activity.