Registered Student Organization Classifications

As of academic year 2016-2017, all RSOs will be assigned to one of four (4) classifications: chartered, sponsored, affiliated, and recognized. A student organization’s classification is directly related to the size and scope of the organization as well as the strength of connection it has to University operations. Each classification has its own rights and privileges as well as annual requirements.

Classification is approved by the Department of Student Activities, and is established at the time of creation of all new student organizations. As organizations change and evolve in their operations over time, they may request a new classification that better captures their operations through written request to the Department of Student Activities. If at any time an RSO wishes to appeal their classification as determined by Student Activities, they may do so to the Assistant Dean for Student Life. An additional appeal may also be sent to the Dean of Students after the appeal to the Assistant Dean. The decision of the Dean of Students is final.

The Classification Guide is available HERE

The Classification Presentation is available HERE

>> RSO Classification Application

RSO Classification Committee

In the Fall 2016 semester a diverse committee consisting of students, staff & faculty will review RSO classification requests and advise Student Activities staff on which classification best fits each requesting RSO.

The application to be on the RSO Classification Committee will be available from October 5-28th at noon. 

>> RSO 2016-17 Classification Committee Members List 


Classification Timeline

10/5/16 - The application for the RSO Classification Committee is made available online

10/24/16 - 10/31/16 - Student Life to host informational sessions about classification procedures

10/25/16 - Classification Guideline emailed to all RSOs

10/28/16 - Deadline for the application for the RSO Classification Committee

11/1/16 - Online application for classification goes live; application link emailed to RSOs and available online

11/18/16 - Deadline for all RSOs to complete the classification application

1/9/17 - All RSOs notified of assigned classification 

1/20/17 - Deadline for RSOs to appeal their classification (if desired)